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When facing difficult legal challenges, everyday people need someone they can rely on to stay the course. An attorney must be more than just a professional who files motions and makes oral arguments. Your attorney should be someone committed to tirelessly working to get you the best possible outcome. Amanda Sterkenburg is that attorney.

Practice Areas

Attorney Amanda Sterkenburg applies her skills to family law, elder law and criminal defense cases. By working within these frameworks, she has developed professional relationships with state officials, administrative personnel and has earned an outstanding reputation arguing before regional judges. Those are key assets necessary to effectively advocate for community members.

When handling your divorce or custody matter, attorney Amanda Sterkenburg applies her skilled negotiating techniques, knowledge of family law and an in-depth understanding that your life will be impacted after the final ruling has been issued. Her goal is not to just win the day, it’s to improve your family life.

As valued elders, you and your loved ones deserve the very best care and stability during the twilight years. Unfortunately, the bureaucracies that manage benefits such as Medicare/Medicaid have become challenging. Missteps can prove costly. A skilled attorney who assists people on a regular basis can cut through the red tape and get it right the first time. Many seniors are also faced with decisions about the best ways to manage and protect your life’s work. It’s important to have a lawyer who takes the time to understand your long-term goals and develop a portfolio that reflects them.

For those living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, the importance of protecting your rights and well-being cannot be understated. At the end of the day, attorney Amanda Sterkenburg will be your advocate every step of the way.

There are also times when good people find themselves at odds with law enforcement. Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, felony or DUI, it takes a skilled criminal defense attorney to effectively counter the state’s allegations against you and protect your rights. In many instances, prosecutors are inclined to negotiate a suitable plea agreement rather than go up against a tenacious lawyer. But when they won’t be reasonable, attorney Amanda Sterkenburg is fully prepared to see your matter through to trial.

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